Deliquency in Property Tax Account (Car)

My full Secret and Interim Top Secret clearances were rescinded last week. My FSO advised me to check my recent financial records. I find that my account is Delinquent in Property Tax Account (Car). Does this cause the rescission of my clearances? If yes, how may I help to resolve this matter at my end? I have already paid the delinquent amount. Please advise.

My full Secret and Interim Top Secret clearances were rescinded last week. My FSO advised me to check my recent financial records.

Was this part of a periodic reinvestigation?

If it wasn’t, are we seeing the new “continuous evaluation” process at work?

I heard of a guy where I used to work who had his secret clearance pulled, supposedly for financial reasons.

As to your next steps, I have no idea. Hopefully you got (or will soon get) something in writing?

I am not sure whether it is because of periodic evaluation or continuous evaluation.
I have started with my current employer with Full Secret Clearance. I was given an option to upgrade my Secret Clearance to Top Secret Clearance, which I took and applied for Top Secret Clearance. I got the Interim Top Secret Clearance right away with my Final Top Secret remained pending. However, I am told by our FSO this week that the government has temporarily rescinded its interim secret clearance decision pending the completion of investigation and I don’t have any clearance.

The TS (Tier 5) is a more thorough and expanded background investigation that involves investigators - not just databases. The investigation agency might have found and reported information that killed your interim and even put a hold on your secret clearance.

Have you ever seen interims being pulled for seemingly “no reason”? They withdrew my interim as well recently, but I have no clue. I checked everything I could and can’t find any possible causes.

I do not think that they pull clearances for “no reason” . . . ever . . .

You just don’t know the reason yet. It may be that they decided the project you are working on doesn’t justify an interim. They may have found something in your investigation that you haven’t thought about as a problem.

You’re asking this same question over and over here and getting the same answers . . .

Do you think that they can pulled the clearance for missed Tax Payments for as low as some $200? This missed payment made my account delinquent though.

I think they can…

Do you see that happened in the past? I mean it was just $200.

Did the delinquency occur after the investigation had started? If it was there before, they may have considered it not only a financial problem but also personal conduct (lying).

I am assuming that Deliquency occurred after the investigation has started.

Then it might be the reason.

It doesn’t matter if it’s $200.

Is there any timeline that Government follows to provide anything in writing?

The Delinquency occurred after the investigation has started. Do you still think this might be the reason? If yes, is there anyway to inform them that I have paid my tax bill?

I think we just have to wait to be contacted to find out. Everything else is speculation.