Denied badging?

Recently had an offer with the DoD to be on site at an agency. Everything was going smooth got the interim, and received a bunch of different plans for my arrival, and then was sent my EOD so I moved across the country. Day before I was suppose to start I was notified my EOD would be delayed and that they’re working on it. The day after my EOD was suppose to be I was notified by automated email my offer was being rescinded, with no real details. I called around to a bunch of different people and basically got told by an HR supervisor the reason was because the agency wouldn’t give me badge access? They also said it got pulled by someone higher up the chain and that my team was willing to wait on my access. So, does that mean like a director went no we dont want to wait and rescinded? or what?

I should also note I am currently also doing the process for this said agency as I accepted a few different jobs all at once.

I spoke to said agency and they said I’m all good, and everything I have scheduled with the poly / so on is still good to go.

Anyone have any ideas what the ■■■■ happened?

Curious if anyone has heard of this?