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Per user T.T.

Dear Security Clearance Expert,

How do I contact the higher up in the chain of command at USIS (and OPM too) about a “subcontracted” investigator (she said that OPM sent her to do my case) who started or took my background investigation case which I felt that that investigator did NOT write up an accurate findings report on me?

As a matter of fact, after reading the entire report, it TERRIBLY shocked me to realize that all of the written results of that investigation was/is nothing but a bunch of lies or made-up verbiage just to add “inaccurate fluff” written on me as if to “burn me,” and it was deliberately done to ruin my clearance!!! Hence, I felt like it was really not a proper investigation but that I WAS FRAMED by someone using or taking advantage of this so-called background investigation to backstab me! My secret clearance is not up or due for a renewal until another 2 years. I was granted this secret clearance in 2006. But in 2009, when I was working at Rockwell Collins (RC), someone put an I.R. on me and that was falsified because I asked if the FSO at RC put that and he denied of having put anything into JPAS on me! I had even asked his boss and she said over the phone that she knew that the FSO working for her at that time did not put anything on me too.

But later when someone wanted to hire me, they called me and told me that I had better checked my JPAS status hence the next company tried to erase that I.R. and they thought that by putting me in for a TOP SECRET clearance that it might get it cleared faster. However once I was put in for a TS, a new background investigation was redone again!!! And this was where someone sent that inept/incompetent or “vindictive” “investigator who put all of her inaccurate findings in the report on me last year, 2013!! I had met her and replied to her questions however when she had taken them down, she somehow corroborated my answers or twisted them to where they are not the same as what I’ve told her. Either that or she didn’t fully understand what I was imparting to her!! Then not only that, she or whoever that worked with her on my case, added questionable things to inflate more negativity to the results of that report. I was told that it took them 3 years to come up with their report on me…they used the excuse that they were “backlogged”.

Furthermore, I feel that I am being countered during this whole ordeal by whoever that had access into my background investigation to ENSURE in ruining my reputation and career and clearance.

Here’s an example: An ex-boss of mine at a company (i.e. Rockwell Collins at Reston office in Virginia) told me that an investigator came out to do a reference inquiry on me and asked my boss questions regarding me and my boss stated that he told this “weird” investigator nothing but the truth about me which was a good reference…but that investigator constantly interjected my ex-boss in a mocking or sarcastic way like “OH! REALLY??? REALLY!!” which really made my ex-boss suspected that that investigator was either a “mental nut” or “sarcastic” (and that sarcasm was uncalled for!).

It was as if this investigator didn’t believe what my ex-boss had to tell him. I asked my ex-boss as to who that “investigator” was, my ex-boss stated that he came and said his name SOOO FAST that my ex-boss can’t remember it now. He said that that investigator was not acting like an investigator, meaning unprofessional.

And because of all those lies USIS investigator(s) wrote up on me to ensure in me losing my present Secret clearance, I am now having to hire an employment lawyer regarding on maintaining my secret clearance and he’s so expensive and I don’t even know if he’s really working to win for me to maintain my clearance or what. And I do not have a lot of money.

I am afraid that someone (who had managed to have gone this far in fabricating mud on the results of my background investigation) can continue to “burn” me up to the end…to the final stage which is where it is at now, and it’s leading to a court hearing. So is there anything I can do right now to have someone assess, help me, and monitor this process without the FINAL process being compromised. If you have a phone #, please provide to my email. I NEED SERIOUS HELP on setting this “QUESTIONABLE BACKGROUND INVESTIGATION” done on me straight! It had bothered me so much that it had caused me a lot of stress knowing that it was all inaccurate and damaging! And most of these lawyers seemed to be all about MONEY! MONEY! I can’t find a PRO BONO lawyer which my friend, a security guard kept suggesting that I find a “PRO BONO” lawyer!!!

Can you PLEASE HELP? Thanks.


My first question to anyone who submits scenarios like this is have you requested and received a copy of the completed background investigation form OPM? If not, then that is the starting place for you to obtain factual information instead of 3rd party hearsay. Once you have the investigation you can see the facts in each interview and if you can, refute the information with your own supporting documentation. You have not stated your clearance has been denied or revoked, and in order to do so they have to provide you a statement of reasons. Sounds like you need to gather more information before pursuing a course of action. Go to for more information.