Department of State TS adjudicated favorably. Translate to DoD?

Hi folks, I did a brief search, but couldn’t find a good answer. I’ve just been placed on the register for a position with the Department of State. This required a TS investigation and adjudication to get to this point. Since there aren’t any hiring classes for DoS anytime soon, I’d like to investigate other positions that require a clearance. From my understanding, the Department of State doesn’t use JPASS…is this correct? Does this mean that potential employees will not be able to verify my eligibility? What would need to happen to transfer the clearance?


If you achieved the clearance and were “read in,” the other systems can be verified, and your clearance crossed over. I cross over a lot of DoD clearances. My client verifies them in JPASS, and then they are entered into my client’s system when we hire.

So right now you do not actually have a clearance, but a successfully adjudicated investigation. You are correct, it will not show up in JPAS. It will be hard for a potential employer to verify that before making you an offer. Not impossible, and some employers may be more familiar with this situation than others.

I was trying to follow the state of State Dept hiring but it is hard to find much info. Sounds like they are still placing candidates on the register? And not likely to start opening a bunch of classes anytime soon.

Yeah, they’re still processing candidates that started the process before the hiring freeze. I applied back in July of 2016, had my interview and submitted SF-86 in February of this year, talked to an investigator in early July and was notified that I’d passed my clearance and been placed on the register two weeks ago. There are rumors of a possible class in January and/or April, but I’m not counting on anything.