DIA Internship 2020 / NGA Contractor Interim Position (Clearance Corssover Interference?)

Hello Everyone -

I’m hoping someone on this forum has some valuable advice for me. I was accepted into the DIA internship 2020 program earlier this year. I was informed that my TS / SCI CI Poly was complete very recently and out of adjudication status (prior military here which can be why it was completed quickly).

Since then a potential employer contracting with the NGA has offered me a position on an NGA contract. I intend on being able to work this position in the interim before my DIA Internship. They expressed that my clearance would have to crossover. I have a few questions with crossing over:

Will a crossover take my clearance out of its initial DoD status? (for my DIA internship)

I still intend on completing the 2020 DIA Internship, would this crossover interfere in anyway with that?

I have deployed before using my clearance but only within the realm of the DoD. No crossover was necessary. I hope I am able to have this answered today.

Thank you

Good news! NGA is a DoD organization. You should have no problems with your clearance moving back and forth between the two agencies. Good luck.

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