Didn't pay full sales tax on a car purchase 6 years ago

My question is related to 26.3 on SF86. I purchased a car 6 years ago from a private party and didn’t pay the full sales tax. As far as I know/remember I should have paid $441, but paid $202. I’m trying to fix this, but still trying to figure out how exactly to do that. It’s not like the DMV website has a “click here to pay sales tax you should have” link. Has anyone had to go through this? I’ve called a few tax attorneys to see if they would be interested in facilitating this transaction, but haven’t had any luck. I’m considering scheduling an appointment with the DMV and just accepting whatever they say. I’d love to here other ideas. Thanks.

The seller should be responsible for collecting taxes on private party sales.

You can’t be serious right now lol.

Every state I have ever lived in collected taxes when the car is registered when purchasing from a private party.

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I’d like to also hear what they say when you walk in and tell them you committed tax evasion and/ or fraud.