Different versions of form SF86


For about 3 weeks I could not figure out if I filled out form SF86 correctly because I noticed some of the answers on the Internet were different for certain section questions.

I realized today my SF86 form was dated in 2008, and the questions are different for the forms dated in 2010.

I wondering if the old form will cause me grief when I do have that interview?



Peculiar that you filled out the 2008 version, as all forms are required to be completed through e-QIP now which only has the updated 2010 version. I don’t think OPM will accept the application on the older form and you will be required to redo it on the correct form.


I think some agencies are still having their employees use the old form. I still come across it now and then- it’s either typed or handwritten. A gigantic pain actually…


I am a little worried because I was truthful when I filled out the old version of the SF86. I am concern about the new version of the SF86 when it ask questions about spouse.

Those questions were not on my version of the SF86.