Disapproved versus Denied

Are they synonomous? Was poly’d and investigated for a TS/FSP with an IC agency (did the poly near the airport). Was denied because of things i disclosed i did 20 years ago, apparently I’m not whole enough of a person. I also had a paperwork discrepancy - even though the form says 7 years (2008 form), I was supposed to say yes anyway to certain questions?

Anyhow, I was “disapproved for access to classified information”, but also told I could reapply in a year.

A couple of questions.

  1. are disapproved/denied synonymous?
  2. if i was to reapply in a year, is it worth it to try? would i get the chance to provide a statement/additional context to what came out in the poly (I own what I did as a kid, but also feel I was kinda thrown to the wolves by my team), and correct the paperwork discrepancy?
  3. what do i check on an sf-86 if i have to do another one when asked if I was ever denied a clearance (I assume I have to check yes).


If they told you that you could apply again in a year, you are not denied. If you were denied a clearance, it would say that.

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I’d put down yes. They are probably going to know about it anyway so it is better if you disclose it up front.

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Just got the same letter OP (did it all near the airport too.) According to the letter, I can request a review of the security decision. Did you get a separate letter detailing why the offer was rescinded or is that coming?

3+ years down the drain lol.

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