Three letter agency denial email

So I just got a denial email.

I will get a letter in the mail with an address. I have to mail a letter back to that given address and request why the reason for the discontinued processing. I did the whole background check poly/pych.

The recruiter said they recommend that “ you should write back ASAP, as most instances are overturned…”

4/2018 interview
5/2018 paper worked turned in
6/2018 met with BI Investigator
7/2018 first poly
08/2018 second poly.
08/13/2018 pych interview.
09/28/2018 denial email.

Any help/input works.

I don’t know why they would tell you “most are overturned” . . . Even if true, it’s meaningless without know WHY you were denied.

Was this for CBP? I’m guessing you didn’t “pass” your poly, correct?

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When you get the letter, quickly research what are accepted mitigations for the questioned activity. If you already are aware of something that was a problem, act on it now. Lets pull anger management as a possible issue. Just randomly grabbing this. Seek counseling sessions now to show you want to overcome this. If you are aware there are several bills not caught up, catch up. You want to build a case of showing you are actively working to change the current state of the affairs.

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It was for the NSA. And yes how did you know about that.

I was in the same boat, didn’t pass poly. It just sounded like a similar outcome.

May I ask what position it was?

The only thing it could be is personal conduct. I did not fill out the sf 86 out thoroughly. I had sent in the wrong sf -86 (OPM) and the recruiter said please use the correct one and put a rush on it. So I ended sending another sf86, took me 30 minutes to fill out.

Did you ultimately get a clearance?

Can’t tell if your question is directed at me but I did end up getting a lower level clearance years later. Had a DOD secret, tried for TS but failed Poly, ended up getting a DOD secret again since I was out of scope.

Good to know Mike. Congrats for pushing through what had to be a trying time.