4 years... Not looking good

This month marked 4 years for me since submitting my SF-86 form. I got a call this morning that I should have received some information in the mail. It was probably delivered to my apartment office (they said it was signed for) but I just have a gut wrenching feeling of what it is. I’ve seen on here and heard in the past that you get a call if you’re approved and a letter if you’re denied. I’m assuming it’s a denial letter or just a “we stopped processing” letter. Man I can only think about the last 4 years and this being a dream of mine, all the sudden to go to nothing is just a mega bummer. Assuming it’s a letter, what can I expect to be on it? Or has anyone received approval stuff in the mail? Thanks everyone.

Go read the letter . . . I could be almost anything . . . let us know . . .


I’m just assuming that’s what it is based off of what I’ve read over the years. I just go right into doom and gloom mode. I’ll let you know. Thanks for the reply!

It was what I thought. My Employment offer was rescinded. It notes that it’s not a clearance denial and that I can reply in one year. It took 4 years to get this letter. Not sure if I’ll reapply again. This really stings. Punch to the gut feeling too say the least.

What agency (if you don’t mind saying)? Had you completed the poly/medical/BI?

Three letter IC community. I had my poly psych med stuff done in mid 2015. Credit stuff, references, investigator visit was early 2016. Was pretty silent from there for the most part, apart from sending in some occasional forms that were asked of me. It was my first time ever going through this process. I’m not ex military or anything like that.

I sincerely wish good luck to anyone still going through the process. What a feeling that must be to get approved through it all, if the lows of getting this letter feel this bad to me (at least at the moment, but I know time will cure that). Until next year, I suppose. Not sure if I’ll give it a go again or not.

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