Dispute with Landlord

My grilfirend is applying for a public trust clearance. We are having a dipute with our landlord. We witheld rent because LL did not correct housing code violations. LL sued us for failure to pay rent. LL has finally made repairs and gave us discount on past rent. as part of the settlement agreement we are going to move out in 6 months. Will this settlement hurt my girlfriends chances at getting her public trust? As part of settlement agreement, LL wants a clause that if we dont leave then LL is entitled to a “non-redeemable” judgement. we plan on leaving but are concerned that this language in the agreement might affect her clearance?

Just to clarify, there is no such thing as a public trust clearance. Those in designated public trust positions are evaluated for suitability to be assigned to those positions. As to your scenario, as long as she discloses the information on the SF-85P and there are no deliberate delinquencies then it should not be an issue. Adjudicators look for patterns of irresponsibility or unreliability.