Security "Professional" with bad debt

I have a friend who has rented an apartment to someone who used to work for me (I’m a retired Personnel Security Specialist since 2018). This individual has not paid her rent for at least the past three months and has had a spotty record of paying her rent on time since she purchased a condo in August 2020. This individual also moved from the organization where she worked with me to a position as a Security Manager at another base. She has since moved from that position to California. If she is still in a cleared position, I do not know.

I’m trying to advise my friend who is the first landlord. I don’t know her current command, but the financial issues are reportable.

I would be grateful for any advice.


Depends on the state. Many liberal states protect the renter over the landlord.

Unless it is on base, not much the command can do.

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Have lawyer draft formal letter requesting x dollars by Y date and that if not in compliance her command and security chains will be notified. If she cares at all about clearance, she knows the drill. If no longer cleared and just doesn’t care? Not so much.