Do I mention TWO month job?

Hello all I was recently offered a role with a major government contractor and I will require a Q clearance and need to fill the SF 86

I previously worked for a tiny minuscule government contract firm a couple years ago for literally two months. There was no clearance involved in that role. I was terminated due to “performance” aka “not fast enough” even though they praised me for doing an “amazing job”. The manager basically wanted me to sign an admission of guilt to agree with their assessment but I refused and never spoke with them again.

I suspect they got rid of me because they were cheap. Afterward, I found a couple private sector jobs with the second one being in a large organization where I am currently at the moment before I resign for my new role.

Other than those two months of hell, I never did drugs, smoked, or committed any crime.

The role of the previous contractor is different as it was sales oriented while my new role is tech and that is what I studied for.

Yes. The SF-86 wants your employment history, completely, for the last 10 years, including unemployment.

For the eQIP, it only asks for month/year of starting and ending work/unemployment. So I would say, in that case, you will find it difficult to include jobs which lasted less than 1 month. Or, more specifically, jobs which didn’t last from one calendar month into another. If I recall correctly, eQIP will throw errors at you if you try to have multiple employment activities starting and ending in the same month.

Two months. Yep. That’s definitely worth including. The circumstances don’t matter.

You need to list every job for the time requirements of the SF86. I can’t remember if its 7 or 10 years, but if you were employed, it needs to be on there. Even if it was just a day.

You list the employment regardless of the length, Even if you didn’t last until lunch time.

As I have said before, these aren’t trick questions. They want you to account for your last ten years of employment. You need to account for your last ten years.

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@EdFarmerIII… are you a parent?

As a matter of fact, I am . . . If this goes the wrong way, I’ll delete every one of my posts on this thread.

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@EdFarmerIII… no, I appreciate your bluntness and honesty. It wasn’t a knock on you. As parents, we tend to have those attributes.

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I’m not sure that it’s because I’m a parent . . . I tend to expect people to do their own leg work. To try to solve their own problems before coming here for help and to accept, “We can’t answer that question” as a valid answer. I don’t like it when people who don’t like the answer they got try to “reframe” their question to get the answer they want and I get frustrated with people who ask things like, “Can a get a clearance if I smelled pot in the seventh grade.” All that they need to do is read, right here on this site, about people who smoked pot a year ago and can get cleared.

I’m 58 years old . . . I don’t have a lot patience left . . .


@EdFarmerIII… and that’s the very reason I appreciate how you respond to questions (even mine… I know they can be annoying)… but I don’t take offense to them— it is what it is— but you’re always measured in your responses.

I have feeling that when I turn your age, I’ll probably be the same way, I’m almost there to an extent; being only 35.

And I think you’re local to the tri-state area (Pa, NJ, Del)… like me, so it’s just a part of our DNA.

I’m in South Jersey . . . I grew up in Camden County, spent 30 years in Burlington County and just recently moved back to Camden County. I’ve spent my whole life here.

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I think your question can be answered by reading a blog on this site. It wasn’t too long ago that Marko wrote a blog:

I believe he also initiated a discussion thread on the subject as well.

@backgdinvestigator, I couldnt help but laugh at your comment… LOL

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@EdFarmerIII, cool. My first serious girlfriend lived In Mt. Laurel…lol.

I’m a South Philly guy— now in Lower Merion.

I listed jobs that I worked one day at (perdiem work)…hard to explain but I documented it on the additional comments field and gave contact info for the scheduler that assigned the work.

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Mount Laurel is where I just moved from after 25 years.

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@EdFarmerIII… the world is too small at times.

As long as those circumstances are not used against me for working with someone that was not good. But thanks for your answer.

That’s not the attitude or response to have.

It is what it is. You can state your position of you felt they were being cheap, they can state theirs. its he said she said… they will look more so over the last 5 - 7 years anyway.

You omitting it, knowing it to be truthful, is a lack of candor on your part.

It’s not a popularity contest.


I am not sure what I said is wrong but it’s my career. As I said, I refused to sign their admission of guilt(I saved the document) which was forced onto me. So their assessment is not truthful as it is a matter of opinion. I got some good answers here and will mention it my perspective.

They aren’t asking you your opinion of your previous employment, and what you think is fair or not. Knowingly leaving this information off your security forms will hinder your ability to progress forward, and show an inability to be openly honest.

Just list the job and move on.