SF-86 Employment Activities

Hello Everyone,

It’s been almost eight months since I submitted my E-Qip and I’m just playing the waiting game in adjudication at the moment. While we are waiting, we tend to question whether we filled out everything on the SF-86.

At the top of the Employment Activities section of the SF-86, it states the following: “List all of your employment activities, including unemployment and self-employment, beginning with the present and working back 10 years”

I filled out the SF-86 in May 2019. I was terminated from a job back in March of 2009, which would technically be 10 years, 2 months. Therefore, this termination occurred further back than ten years.

So, if I did not put down this termination on my SF-86, because it occurred later than 10 years from the time I filled out the SF-86, and it is discovered in the BI, I should not be penalized for this correct? Technically, the date of this termination does fall outside of the 10 year window from the date I filled out the SF-86.

I’m just looking for clarification.


It is always 10 years from the date you signed the certification page. So, 10 years and 2 months is out of scope for the employment section. If it comes up, explain like you did here.


You say that you are in adjudication . . . If this is the case, there is no issue with old job. Your investigator would have asked you to address it if it was going into his report.

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