Does Asylum Applicant eligible for Public Trust Clearance?

Hi Folks,

I have moved to the USA and have applied asylum (I-589 form) in Feb 2017 at USCIS and the status is pending now. Decision (Asylee status) normally will make 2,5 years later. After 180 days later from applying, I will get my work permit/EAD Card. I am going to apply some IT jobs which require Public Trust Clearance. I have no criminal history

Do you think am I eligible to obtain Public Trust Clearance?

Is there anyone who has a similar case?


Does Public Trust Clearance need citizenship or Green Card? Or Can anyone who has a permanent resident (H1B Visa owner) obtain this clearance?

You do not have to be a citizen to work in a contractor moderate risk public trust position. However, you do have to have lived in the U.S. for the most recent three years in order to be eligible to have an investigation done on you. High risk public trust positions cannot be filled by non-U.S. citizens unless the position is so unique that no U.S. citizen applicants can perform the functions.

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