Public Trust Interview

When i completed my sf85p I mentioned i was fired and the reasons. They called the employer and they said i was fired for unfavorable reason. Would that get them to decline?

@Marko Did you experience something similar during your past experiences?

The answer is…it depends. If there is a discrepancy between what you disclosed and what actually happened then there is an honesty issue. The conduct or reason for getting fired is also a consideration. If it is just performance or lack of the required skill set then that is not an issue. If you have a history of terminations then that is an issue…so it depends!

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Today I received an email from Hr saying that I was cleared by security and they would send me a final job offer. Does that means my background is close and done?

Thank you in advance for sharing

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I got hired by Deloitte which company is doing project with US census Bureau in MD,

I have came to USA in April,2018 can I be eligible for “IT Modret Risk ” public trust clearance I am GC- EAD holder, married to USC

Yes, legal permanent residents can work in moderate risk public trust positions. They cannot work in high risk public trust positions without justification showing their skill set is so rare that it is hard to find a U.S. citizen to fill the position.

But I stayed in US less then 3 years!

The Agency that is responsible for the work would have to waive the investigation requirement and implement their own checks in order to put you in the position. It happens, but not often.

I have manipulated my resume with some extra years of experience! I have stayed in USA for less than 3 years also I am holding Green card emplyement authorizations document which is marriage based! I have got full time employment from Deloitte, With project of US Census, Deloitte have completed my Background check through third party , Which some how I have managed and cleared! Initially i have not informed about any public trust clearance after getting offere I get to know.

Now, Due to government work, They want to do Public trust. Which is IT moderate risk position.

Marko can you please please guide me on this? should I dropped the position? What to do now?

No one on this blog can advise what you should do, you should contact the security or HR POC for the position and ask them or just go through the process and it will either work itself out or they say you are not eligible for the position.


So while filling out the form whichever I will receive for it, I have not received yet , I have to enter my all the information on it I can avoid employment history on it? Or is it possible i will put only last year of work history?

If I will go through the process and in the worst case what will be the consequences I have to face if anything goes wrong!