Downloading and SF-86


I am currently in the process for a TS clearance and ran into an issue. When I had filled out my SF-86 and checked “no” for if I had downloaded anything illegally before. At the time I did not rack my brain thoroughly enough for that question. I realized later on a few years ago (5+ years) I had downloaded some music albums. This was when I was just entering high-school. At this point the subject interview has taken place and I am a bit confused on how to amend that statement on the SF-86.

I think at this point I have screwed the pooch so to speak. Does anyone have any advice on how I should approach this situation? I understand that coming forward with changing a statement on the SF-86 does not look favorable at all and places me in a position to be denied. But I rather be completely honest in the investigation and give them all of the facts at hand.

Dont worry about it. Just make sure to correct it during your interview and make sure that you have stopped downloading anything since.

Stop . . . People make mistakes all of the time. This isn’t a perfect process and they aren’t looking for perfect people. You’re past your interview. There’s really no way for you to amend your application. There’s really no way for them to uncover this in your investigation.

Now . . . If you go for a poly, your going to be all worked up and your poly may not go well. When you go in, discuss this with the operator. Be completely honest. They are going to push you and try to get you to admit that you were illegally downloading the night before the poly! Start with the truth and stick to the truth.

You were in your early teens. You didn’t continue the practice. You should be fine.