Drug Use with a Secret Clearance

SO I had my Secret for about 7 years at one company. I recently resigned from that company last year and went to a govt contractor. This was a sensitive position which random drug tests took place. I made one poor decision one night and ended up failing my random test the next. Lost my job for this and not sure if my clearance was revoked or is it still active in JPAS? I had a interview with this govt contractor and explained to him what choice I made and they still want to hire me for the position. I distanced my self from the individuals that were with me that night and realized that my family is more important then a night making poor decision. Can anyone help and tell me what they think?

I don’t know the answer to your question of “is my clearance revoked or still active” but I can say if & when you are contacted about your clearance -admit admit admit everything!! Don’t hide the information - your previous employer will be contacted and the failed drug test will be revealed. My understanding is that the review aka adjudicators want to see that you have made changes EX - no longer hanging out with the people, and that you learned from your experience ex - lost job & regret it, again got rid of those “friends” - don’t plan on doing it again & also what were the circumstances when you used the drug?? Good luck, hope this helps.

Thanks Newbee for the reply. I contacted my old FSO at my previous company and told her what happened one night went out for a party and drank too much which impaired me obviously. But I told the FSO if my clearance is still active? Am I RED FLAGGED? FSO looked me up in JPAS and said everything looks good. Still active and no issues. So I’m glad my old FSO checked it out for me. I admitted to my hopefully new employer that I made a mistake and regret it. To this day from when that incident occurred I no longer have ties with those individuals. Trying to better my life by going forward not backwards. Thank you Newbee.

Simply tell the truth. The government as of late doesn’t seem to give much weight to MJ use if it is more than 1 year old. If one was a heavy user, 3 years without use is usually sufficient.