3 years and counting!!

I will try to make this brief…

3 years ago I was a federal employee for DoD. 18 years with at least a secret clearance. No problems or issues, not even a traffic ticket. One day I tested positive for amphetamines. Apparently, my daughter had mixed her pills up with mine. I won’t try to justify the fact that I took the wrong pill, it happened. Two weeks later I was escorted from the building without being given the ability to respond to the issue. Over a year later, after no communication from my command I finally got the ability to respond to an SOR. 2 years later the told me my clearance was revoked. 2 1/2 years later I appeared before a AJ. 3 years I am still in the dark withhmout reaponse from anyone. I applied for a job last week and they checked my clearance in JPAS. It’s currently active T.S./SCI eligible. No word from my command or the judge. Any advice or opinions on what the active status means for me? When no one responds to you how do you get answers? My life has been turned upside down. Stress and therapy have been a significant part of my life. I was put on antidepressants for 2 years and finally was diagnosed with ADHD and put on medication for that…it seems to help more but having only been on it for a short time. I am at he end of my rope on what to do. Funny thing is I have had a job that tests for drugs on an advocacy basis and haven’t had a problem. Frustrating!!!

Honestly this entire thing seems like such a mess I would recommend you consult a security clearance attorney. They will be in the best position to untangle just what has happened and how to proceed.

Unfortunately, after the hearing there isn’t much to do but wait. I have an attorney. He was actually an administrative judge at DOHA before retiring. I am just confused by the status in JPAS. The bad part is that I have spent $10k on an attorney and it has still taken me 3+ years and this guy knows the system. I guess because of the back up that it is just taking much longer than expected. I was hoping that someone who knows JPAS could tell me if my clearance was revoked would the status be changed in JPAS prior to my hearing or would it remain active until after the hearing results? It’s a long shot.

I understand the issue and can appreciate the government’s stance. But I honestly believe that the surrounding factors should be considered. It was intentional and my performance and history should be taken into account. Every person that I have spoken to with experience in this arena seems to think it would have been adjudicated already.

I have all but given up hope in saving my career. So this is a last ditch effort to contact anyone with first hand knowledge.

Thank you for the advice.

So you went before a judge and you didn’t hear a response?

You are correct! I went February 13th 2018. And haven’t heard anything back yet.

My understanding is that if the SOR response doesn’t answer the government’s questions and alleviate all of their concerns then the clearance is revoked pending a decision by a judge. I’m not sure what’s going on in your case.

This should mean that you have an “active” clearance, so you should be good to go.

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After your hearing, at some point, you should have been notified by mail. JPAS sounds like your case was adjudicated in your favor and somebody missed the notification.

You have TWO professionals who should be able to determine your status. Your lawyer and the FSO at the company where you applied.

Either you or your attorney should contact DOHA and ask for a copy of the “personal appearance” hearing transcript and a copy of the judge’s recommended decision. If DOHA releases the hearing transcript but not the judge’s recommended decision, it means that the judge’s recommended decision was sent to the appropriate Personnel Security Appeals Board (PSAB) but that the PSAB has not yet made a decision. If DOHA releases both the transcript and the recommended decision, it means the PSAB made a decision and communicated it to your Security Management Office (SMO), which should have notified you. It’s been my experience that the PSAB will only communicate with the SMO.

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Sorta kinda good news. It looks like I have been cleared. However, it appears that someone dropped the ball. I think I have been cleared for a while now but no one took action. Does anyone know what rights I have to potential back pay if they did drop the ball on this?

I would say that you have no right to any back pay.

Dude, take the clearance and consider it good.

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Self medicating is bad mmkay. I think you should consider yourself lucky and get separate medicine cabinets, and keep the illegals locked away.