Denied access, but clearance active.

So December 2018 I was unexpectedly walked out of my office, debriefed, and then escorted out of the building. My SSO was with me and he said he had no idea why it was revoked, but my TS/SCI clearance is still active. It was a very ouzzlong case since normally MADO comes down with an RFI for whatever issue they have and then the SSO addresses it with the member we and they submit the information requested and the MADO makes a decision from there. This time however there was zero information…but the clearance was not pulled, just the access.

I am retiring soon, and I am working with a contract company. I told them what happened, they looked me up in JPAS and said there were no flags. So they are submitting me for a contract when I get out.

Has anyone ran into this before? Any idea what this means for future access wether it be at same agency or new one?

If they looked you up in JPAS and didn’t see anything then I guess you are good. I have heard of people in similar situations who ended up with an “incident” in JPAS and that was a big problem. But it sounds like maybe you are OK.

I would suspect that going back to that same agency would be a non-starter for a couple years. If you can somehow find out what the issue was then you would be in a better position to see if you can mitigate it.