Dual Citizen Issues

I’m in a tricky situation and would like advice.

My investigation for OPM ( background Investigator)- SSBI Clearance began in early April. I was informed- non-official that my investigation was over a few months ago and I was “clear” but I was not informed on start dates, training and etc…

During my interview, I had mentioned that I am an American citizen but I was born and raised in Brazil. I was informed that once I received a favorable adjudication due to the top secret clearance, I would no longer be able to travel to Brazil under my Brazilian passport, and the company would most likely offer me a letter so I could get a visa to Brazil under the American passport and travel to Brazil as an American.

My problem now is that I’m trying to go visit my family in Brazil and the Brazilian consulate will not grant me a visa under the American Passport unless I provide a letter from the company, because technically I am still Brazilian. I called the company and they told me that they cannot offer a letter. I was not given a reason why.

I was told that I have to renounce the Brazilian Citizenship, which I’m willing to do so, but I won’t initiate the process without knowing 100 % that I will start the job.
Also, If I travel to Brazil under my Brazilian Passport, this will affect my clearance right?

In the meantime, I am stuck and can’t go “home” to visit family. Any advice?

I am thinking, that until your sitting at a desk working for this company, you not hired. They will not offer a letter.

I’m not sure why Brazil would care about a letter from your employer, but I am certain that traveling on a foreign passport will affect your clearance.

You’re in a bit of a bind but it should be temporary.