Question on Foreign Passports

I currently working on my security clearance for an internship with the State Department. I hold a U.S. and a foreign passport, both from birth. The form asks me for my issue date, passport number, and expiration date of my foreign passport. However, given that I have renewed my foreign passport every few years, I have several different passport numbers and issue dates. My guess is that I should input the issue date when I first received my passport at birth, current passport number, and current expiration date?

In the next section, I am asked if I have ever used my foreign passport for travel - which I have. Should I include all countries that I have traveled to on my current passport (which I renewed two years ago) or in my entire life?

Thank you!!

I would provide the dates for your CURRENT passport in the form and then add the original date in the comments. “I have held a valid passport from NationX since mm/dd/yyyy”.

As to travel, they are very likely to want to know everywhere that you have traveled on a foreign passport since they want to know about foreign travel for ALL of us.


And be prepared to provide exhaustive detail on each and every trip. If I may jump to conclusions for a moment, I’m thinking you have relatives that you visited back in the old country and of course the investigator will want details on them as well.
I don’t think this is a “show stopper” but it will most likely keep you from being one of those folks who gets cleared incredibly quickly :slightly_smiling_face:


Keep in mind a clearance investigation wants to know if you hold allegiance to a foreign entity. Possessing, maintaining, and travelling on a foreign passport demonstrates an affinity to another country…loyalty. For some with dual citizenship it is a requirement to maintain access to retirement funds etc. But it calls into question where your loyalty lies. That is the bottom line. For what purpose you use the passport or maintain it…your business. But it does question where your allegiance is.


@georgetownstudent list your current foreign passport information.

Regarding travel on a foreign passport:

  1. Only list travel going back X number of years as required. If I remember correctly for a TS you have to go back 7 years. You can find this time period easily on the form. You don’t have to list travel before then.
  2. When you submit your SF86, the system will autogenerate a High Severity Incident Report because you traveled on a foreign passport. Your name will appear in red. Do not be alarmed, this is normal. It will stay on your record until your clearance is adjudicated, which could take 2 years. During this time you’ll find it difficult to swich employers because new employers will look you up and see your name in red.
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Please allow me to step in and ask for clarifying at concern on a foreign passport:

First, If a person uses US passport traveling out and in USA, use his/her native passport in/out his/her native country. Is this illegal? a red flag while applying for a clearance e.g. Public Trust?

Secondly, I was being asked many times. Should I tell people I am with dual citizenship? Is it illegal if I am not telling people about it?

Third, I was asked whether I will give up my foreign passport if needed. Is it illegal if my answer is NO?

Your expertise will be appreciated.

  1. not illegal, but you shouldn’t do it. Reasons listed.
  2. you MUST disclose dual citizenship, this is not a gray area matter.
  3. idk what happens if you say no. To me personally, holding a foreign passport held absolutely zero practical benefit—I can visit the same countries with my US passport. I was asked to surrender it and I did. You should consider what actual benefit your foreign passport gives you.

You can always tell the investigator no. You will not always be granted a clearance.

I disclosed I have dual citizenship to the investigator. She asked me whether I disclosed it to my neighbor or anybody. I replied “I told people I from Asia. I did not follow up whether these people know I have dual citizenship”

She also asked me that whether my foreign passport is expired. I said No.
She started asking me Had I exercised the right of Vote. Jury duty. I said ‘yes’

Please HELP. It seems I’m running into the big trouble answering wrong. I told investigator I’m no longer taking the position month ago.

Do I need a lawyer ?

You disclosed your dual citizenship to the investigator? It wasn’t on your SF86?

Asking about your neighbors is likely just a question to determine how open you are about your citizenship. It shouldn’t be a big deal. It may have just been used to determine how the line of questioning would go next.

Voting and jury duty are used to determine you commitment to your U.S. citizenship.

What “big trouble” are you running into? What did you answer “wrong”? The only wrong answers are lies. If you told them that you are not taking the position, the investigation will stop.

Why would you need a lawyer?

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If you are no longer taking the position, the investigation normally stops. (DCSA process)

  1. What does it mean ‘t ravel on a foreign passport ’? I travel in/out using US passport, travel out/in using my native passport. Was this called as ‘travel on a foreign passport’? Or, if I went another country using my native passport, it called as 'travel on a foreign passport"?

  2. Who decide a clearance to run or to stop, it’s upon my own will or my Agency’s or upon Agency’s client, Fed Gov or something else? :roll_eyes:

  1. Apparently, you are allowed to use your foreign passport for travel ONCE YOU ARE OUTSIDE OF THE U.S. even after you are cleared. However, once you hold a clearance you need to use only your U.S. passport to enter/exit the U.S. If you are not yet cleared, you may have used either but they will be questioning you about use of your foreign passport.

  2. Any of those can stop your investigation. If you told the investigator you are not interested in the position anymore, your investigation should stop. It may look like it continues for a little while.

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I’ve had a Subject tell me they no longer wished to proceed with the process and I still had to complete other assigned units on the case (other than the Subject interview). So to answer your question, your references might still be contacted, even though you no longer wish to go through with the investigation.

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e-Qip, I had disclosed my credentials for the job - clearance. I give up some privacy and liberty in exchange for a clearance. I withdrew and look for work elsewhere. It’s two months ago.

Day ago, Investigator called me for additional numerous questions related to my dual citizenship. I feel being became a target for something else - big and serious. Is it a standard process?

You’re not being targeted for something else. When you talk to the investigator, tell him/her that you are no longer interested in the position applied for and you, therefore, refuse to provide any further information.

Unless you have done something seriously wrong, you have nothing to worry about.

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Your investigator probably didn’t realize you withdrew your application. Nothing to worry about.

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All of this voluntary. I love it when Subjects refuse to answer or quit all together.

I highly recommend it.


@fed-investigator :rofl:

Respectfully, you keep posting about this under different topics, asking the same question. I feel like your questions have already been answered in full and you are starting to sound a little paranoid. I wish I could help, I just don’t know what else can be added to the conversation that hasn’t already been said and answered.