Dual Citizenship/Foreign Pasport

Hello, I would really appreciate an informed answer to my question.
I am a dual citizenship applying for a federal job that will require polygraph and I think TS.

I still have my foreign passport even though I don’t use it and I have never used it since I became a citizen (in 2014). That is the reason I kept my passport: to have a proof that I am traveling only with my USA passport. The foreign passport is still valid (it expires in 2022), but I don’t have any intent of using it. Ever again. I mentioned this to investigator during one of my previous investigations for secret clearance and I could tell right away that she did not like the fact that I still have the foreign passport.

I have always declared on any form for my BI that I am willing to renounce my other citizenship and relinquish my passport if I am asked to do so.

Again, the only reason I still have the other passport is that I really don’t know what to do with it. Is there any way to ‘cancel’ your passport before it expires?

I don’t know what to do.

I also read somewhere on this blog that even though some agencies claim that they hire candidates with dual citizenship, they actually use that as a reason for immediate disqualification in many cases.

Please, help.

The country you’re dual with matters, such as is it on the heightened risk country list? If it were me I would renounce the other country and destroy my foreign passport in the presence of a security official taking note of the date, time, location, security officials name/ job title…problem solved for the most part. Nobody’s going to ask you to renounce and destroy you have to make that decision on your own.

Used to be you had to renounce, then you had to be “willing” to renounce; is this the new guidance? Think it may also vary by customer/agency.

But the other thing @RB22 said is key, that it makes a difference which country we’re talking about here.

I have read on clearance-job.com that reaching out to the country in question to try to renounce a citizenship is unadvisable step.

Also re: your comment:
“ Nobody’s going to ask you to renounce and destroy, you have to make that decision on your own.”

That is why clearance seekers feel deceived. In SF 86 and any other form that I know of, there is a question regarding would you renounce your other citizenship if asked to do so. That means that as an applicant, you expect to be asked. It is clear as that.

But, I have to go on blog and ask people like you that have a better understand only to find out that I need to read in between the lines.

Basically, that means that I may not get the job that I am qualified for just because I don’t know how the system works.

No, that is not how you get the most qualified candidates to work fo you.

Thanks RB22. The country in question is not China, North Korea, Cuba, Pakistan, Iran, Russia. I get your point.

Re: destroying my passport. How that works? Can I just tell investigator: “Here, I am destroying my passport in front of you.”

That is weird. It must be that there is a process that needs to be followed.

Re: renouncing my citizenship, of course, but then I will draw the attention of the other government… they know why are you doing that…

Thank you for answering. I still feel like I need an honest guidance from the investigator, but my experience is that just don’t bother. Meaning, foreign passport ok, let’s deny interim security clearance and let her wait for 18 months until adjudication process. It just seems like it’s not fair.

I am not whining, I understand that as a dual citizen I am a potential risk for the USA government, but it should be more straightforward as to what we need to do with the passport in question.

I did suggest that investigator that she can take my passport or let me know what should I do with it. That never happened. Instead, I was denied interim and approved the finial one, but that was secret level. Maybe I will never be approved for TS.

If you really want the job that requires the clearance than you should have a single citizenship with the US only.

Quit looking for loopholes or someone here to tell you it’s a ok to be dual. Choose what matters to you. If cutting back on visa expenses by way of using a foreign passport or you think it’s cool to be dual is most important than find another job that doesn’t require a security clearance responsibility.

Key word here is responsibility.

Staying dual will keep you flagged. You will always have to prove the US is first and foremost and you face an uphill challenge to getting then keeping the clearance.

Why contend with the annoyance? Pick one and stick with it.


That’s what I was thinking! Keep your dual citizenship and find a job where it doesn’t matter. I had a recent college graduate (thinks the world bows to them) who told me its her right to be dual with xxxx terrorists country and she doesnt have to renounce. I did the interview and thought good luck getting a clearnace.

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I would not take any steps to formally renounce citizenship until talking with the security manager.

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This is what I found in the article you shared here for renouncing dual citizenship.

But contrary to conventional wisdom, don’t act on those thoughts without first clearing it with U.S. government security officials. Renunciation of citizenship is often a red flag that you are pursuing a security clearance and could make you a foreign government’s intelligence target.

Obviously, I should not do it on a whim. “Hello, foreign government, I am here to renounce my citizenship just because I want you to know that I will work for the USA government.”

There is no reason to troll people here and accuse them for asking questions! Just read the post throughly and give the answer to what was actually asked.

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Fed-investigator. Should I wait until the clearance process starts next time or should I try to talk to someone even before such event and how to do that?

Does this mean that you’ve had multiple, different clearance investigations?

What was the result of your last clearance process?

Ten years ago (maybe even 2 hint hint) these cases wouldn’t have made it to the field. You can’t have your cake and eat it too people.

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