Can my FSO renounce my Foreign citizenship

If my FSO destroyed my foreign expired passport is that enough to renounce foreign citizenship. Does the FSO also have to record this event in JPass with dates etc. My FSO told me she has done it in the past for other candidates. Does she have to punch holes in the passport to invalidate it. My foreign passport already expired before I become a US citizen.

you need to research and find out what specific steps for your former country you must take to renounce your former citizenship…

I indicated my willingness to surrender my foreign passport, though, I came from a country where such step is insignificant as you can never renounce your citizenship. You will always be one. Indeed, you cannot enter the country with your “other passport.” They have creative ways of forcing you to reissue a new one.

BI is correct. For the purposes of maintaining the clearance, perhaps a cleared attorney or immigration lawyer can best advise. It may require a notarized document of renouncement for the FSO to maintain. That may simply be “eye wash” giving you or the FSO a feel good moment. This is about making sure your loyalties are to the US. That in an of itself has not always guaranteed a person doesn’t sell out the country. But generally speaking it is seen as a positive if you are only one citizen of one country (if possible).

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According to Security Clearance Attorney Sean M. Bigley []
"If you value the security clearance more than the passport, turn-in the foreign passport to your security officer for destruction and indicate so on your [SF-86] It is critically important that you dispose of the passport this way, as turning it in to the foreign country’s embassy or consulate effectively puts them on notice of your security clearance status and makes you an [intelligence] target (and thus an increased risk in the eyes of the U.S. government).
The best solution in this case is to simply disclose your dual nationality on your SF-86 and wait for any additional instruction from the U.S. government.

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I love that answer. However, I believe FSO’s have been recently directed to return these passports to the cleared people. I would simply refuse it, tell them to burn bag it.