My FSO Shredding my non US expired passport to renounce foreign citizenship

If my FSO shred my foreign expired passport is that good enough to renounce foreign citizenship. Is it legal, if I mention it to the investigator in the interview will he be satisfied that my foreign citizenship has been renounced. @sbusquirrel appreciate your response ASAP.

I am pretty sure there is a process like writing an official letter or appearing before the consulate to officially renounce your citizenship. Without knowing what country you are trying to renounce no one can give you a definitive answer. Google renouncing citizenship for that country and you should be able to find an answer to you question.

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Before you go to a foreign consulate/embassy to renounce…check with your security officer. Foreign consulates/embassies are going to want to know why and ask you to provide a lot of information about you that and it might not be the best idea for you to share that info. (some countries more than others) Dr. Google is not always the best answer.


By the sound of it the FSO is not the sharpest tool in the shed


Read SEAD-4, guideline C and its mitigation conditions.

I wouldn’t engage a foreign embassy to renounce the citizenship.
Your wingliness to renounce it is enough to mitigate parts of it.

While not required to surrender or destroy the foreign passport anymore, I do believe that it makes a compelling mitigation fact in your case if you surrender it to your FSO and they destroy it.
They will draft a letter to the CAF that they destroyed it on XYZ day…

it was destroyed 4 years ago now that company is closed and that FSO not available. she didn’t draft a letter to the CAF at that time.

My personal opinion is that I would not surrender any document issued to me. I would make a history of your contacts regarding these events along with what you have done to renounce.