Dual Citizen Renewing Secret Clearance after Working in Foreign Embassy

Hello, quick question concerning the “foreign preference” aspect of clearance. I am a dual British-American national and have an opportunity to work in a British Embassy as a locally-employed American staff. My concern is that, if I take the job, it will be viewed later by an investigator as a definite preference for my other nationality.

I have been granted a secret clearance 3 times over the last 7 years for internships with the US State Dept and am hoping that working for a stint as an American in a British embassy will not disqualify me from renewing my secret clearance in the future. If there is anyone in this community with knowledge on the subject of dual citizenship and working for a foreign government (as an American staff), I would be very grateful to hear from you! Thanks in advance.

I’m along the same lines as you, US/UK/CAN here and never naturalized. Had a shot at a sweet job in the UK but it turned out to be a UK person position, which would mean one big lesson the US side. If it had been for a US person then consideration could be given without immediate issue. Oh there may still be an issue but not “immediate.” Is there a chance you can forget your UK side in this position? I mean doin’t use your UK passport or UK citizenship for ANY part of the job at all? That would help to show intent. Riding with sides of the fence is bad in the long run for the US. In all my past USG employs I never even possessed a foreign passport and never touted my other country citizenships. I appeared and carried myself as a 100% US person as far as anyone cared. I only “came out” with my other citizenships after retirement.

Right, the position is for any foreign national, so I applied and was accepted as an American. My British passport is expired and, for my first secret clearance 7 years ago, I was asked by the investigator to sign a paper saying I wouldn’t use my British passport to travel on for the next 10 years (which I complied with). Like you, I believe that since I am applying as a US national and British nationality doesn’t come into the equation at all, there won’t be an “immediate” issue for future US clearances but I’m wondering if that is just wishful thinking on my part…

Since they already know about your passport and you made an agreement I’d say you’re good. The dual citizen bit may be an issue if you ever go for Yankee White but can’t say for sure. The UK is our best friend, it’s not like you are dual with Syria or Iran right now.

The only thing left is intent. WHY did you get your UK passport? Did you plan to move there one day? Was it just for fun, or because you could? It sounds like you had no ulterior motive such as to use it against the US in some way.

Sounds like you’ll be just fine.

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Thanks a lot for your insight! I feel much more confident about things now.