Investigator asked me about Dual Nationality

I had my interview for Secret last week for DOS. I told the investigator that after becoming US citizen I always travel with US Passport and I have never renewed my other non US passport. In fact the non US Passport expired before I became a US citizen. the investigator asked me if required will I be willing to renounce my other citizenship I said yes. Three days after the interview I contacted the investigator and told him that I am planning to renounce my other citizenship should I continue and update him once its completed and he replied back with these words
“Basically the investigation stops the day of your interview so anything that happens afterwards will go on your next SF86. Just keep listing your citizenships. The only change will be the dates of citizenship.”
My interim was initially denied should I still go ahead and renounced my dual citizenship maybe it will improve my chances of getting clearance

Do you WANT to renounce your citizenship? Would you be doing it if you were trying for a cleared position?

He asked you, "would you, if asked . . . " Nobody has asked you.

You are right EdFarmerIII he never asked me to go ahead and renounced my other citizenship he just asked me a question “will I be willing to renounced if asked and I said YES”