Potential Dual Citizenship for Top Secret Clearance

Hi All,

I immigrated from Ukraine in Mid 90s. In 2003 I obtained a Ukrainian passport in US because I needed a passport to travel. I used this passport once prior to becoming a US citizen. The passport was valid through 2013.

In 2006, I obtained a US passport and have traveled the world with this US passport. I’ve even traveled to Ukraine once with my US passport. When I became a US citizen I automatically thought that I renounced my Ukrainian citizenship because I pledged my allegiance to US. I also thought that I lost my Ukrainian citizenship because Ukraine does not allow a dual-citizenship. I started my federal career in 2007 and went through a basic public trust clearance process. Few years ago I went through my re-clearance for a public trust-high level job. The investigator and I discussed my Ukrainian passport. The passport was also reviewed by the investigator so he could verity that I have not used it since becoming a citizen. The adjudication went through. The investigator told me not to destroy this document because I can use it as evidence that I have not used it for foreign travel.

I don’t have any relatives in Ukraine nor do I really care about the country. I left it as a refuge and I have no connections with it. I traveled there once more than 10 years ago to see my ill grandma, who passed away a year after my visit. I have not been there ever since.

I am not applying for a different gov position with that requires a TS clearance. Should I be worried? I don’t believe that I ever had dual citizenship…but I am not sure. Please help

I believe that the criteria regarding citizenship and foreign ties are the same for Secret and Top Secret. Maybe one of the investigators can verify, but the difference is not so much the adjudicative standards but the type of investigation… that is, they will dig a little deeper for TS.

It sounds to me like these issues have already been uncovered and reviewed. I don’t think it will be a problem. But that is just one person’s opinion, let’s see what other people have to say.

any other thoughts on this?