Secret Clearance and background investigation (BI)

I was recently offered a job in DHS conditioning getting a Secret Clearance and background investigation (BI). I’m naturalize US citizen and have travelled for past 3-4 years each year for a month to Ukraine for medical treatment. Last year I was laid off and went to Ukraine for 3 months and then I traveled to Russia to see Hermitage Museum for a month. I was wondering if traveling to Russia and Ukraine will have any effect on getting a secret Clearance?

Did you travel on a U.S. passport or an a foreign passport?

U.S. Passport. I only have U.S. citizenship.

It will be looked at for sure. Foreign travel isn’t uncommon in the slightest. However, some countries are looked at much more closely. I would anticipate a slower than usual process but it doesn’t eliminate you just because you travel there.

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Looks like amberbunny covered it. You should be fine in the long run, but may take some time.

Again, not an adjudicator, just an investigator.