Secret Clearance and (BI) for CBP job

I have been waiting for my Secret Clearance and BI for CPB IT job for 9 months and counting. I’m a naturalized US citizen and love to travel. Last I check my clearance it says investigation is submitted but it is still pending. A group of friends are traveling to the EU for a few weeks and I was wondering if I travel will it affect my clearance? I have waited so long and don’t want to miss it up this late.
Also, can secret clearance get transferred to another job? Say I move to another state and find a job there…can I still use the clearance?

Travel . . . It depends . . . On your friends, where you are going and what you do . . . It probably will not matter at this point. If you want to be safe, talk to your security contact at CPB.

Transferring your clearance . . . This also depends on the agency you move to.