Interim Clearance Approved

Hi All,
I got my secret interim clearance approved in 30 days . So is it smooth sailing from here on ? I am relocating for this role any advise appreciated …


You would be in best position to know if your investigation will go well. As long as you were honest, decent credit score, no drug use in last 12 months, you should clear. If however you have a few things you absent mindedly left off…that are easily discovered…you will have a problem. If you move but are denied, will they retain you in an uncleared position? Did you include all info to include juvenile expunged data? Arrests not resulting in convictions, etc.

@maryindc It is possible that your interim may be withdrawn during the investigation/adjudication process for any reason. Hopefully it won’t happen, but it is very possible, because it has happened to me and several people on here and at our work places. Always ask your company if they have unclassified work available. Interim clearance is not a final clearance decision.

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yes did you read my post … :slight_smile: I have no juvenile issues to report .Interim clearnce was approved in 30 days .Have had CBP Public TRust and no issues …

The post that shows does not reflect much other than “I got my interim…smooth sailing from here”. So, not enough information to work the problem. If during any of the national agency checks or interviews something is uncovered, you can quickly lose the interim until final adjudication.