Sf86 and foreign passport and travel info

Hi. New to a gov job and a security clearance.
I am filing for the e-QIP for a secret clearance.
I was dual-citizen and renounced my foreign nationality back in 2019. Up untill then, I’ve held a foreign passport (expired back in 2020) from the foreign county and have used the foreign passport to travel while I was a citizen to the foreign country. I do have all the travel information (dates, places) used with the foreign passport from an airline frequent flyer history - I only used the foreign passport when I travel to that country and had only one airline program so was easier to pull all travel history. However I do not have the passport details such as passport number, issue/expire date since I disposed the foreign passort when it was expired (since i renounced the foreign citizenship I had no reason to keep the passport.) How do I write the passport information without knowing passport number and issue/exprie dates with checking ‘Yes’ to ‘have held foreign passport’ question?
Any input or insight would be appreciated.

If the system allows you to leave the sections blank or write “unknown” then do that in the space you do not have the information for. If the system will not allow you to do that then put your best estimate. In the comment box put that the passport is no longer in your possession and you are unable to provide the requested information. All information provided is an estimation. (That way it is documented you were not trying to lie) You will have an interview with an investigator. (Secret clearances do not always have an interview but in your case you will) During the interview the investigator will ask questions about the foreign passport. You will need to bring any passports that you do have in your possession with you, so any U.S., foreign, current, or expired that you still have possession of, bring those to your interview.

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I’m no investigator, but I would advise explaining the situation in the comment section.

That you travelled on that passport for all your trips, that you disposed of it (try to estimate when), that it was expired, when you first acquired the foreign passport…

While some might say that it is oversharing and not necessary, you will be presenting the facts and attesting of their accuracy yourself (and not rely on the investigator to properly write their report).

That’s my 2 cents…

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We have been advised to never take documentation nor bring it to the interview. Where is this guidance coming from? Investigators are not supposed to collect documentation either.

What are you talking about? A passport review is a very common part of the BI process. I also collect documentation (usually financial) on a very regular basis.


My last investigator said he was not allowed to collect any documentation and back in 2005 for example, I had to meet an investigator at a public place. He wouldn’t meet at my apartment complex lobby.

Maybe just quirks of the investigators I have encountered over the past 20 years. They wouldn’t look at anything I provided “unofficially”

Certain documentation we do not get from the Subject for example, your college transcript, the investigator will get that directly from the school. Also your employment record will come directly from your employer, not from you. Financial documentation, passports, and citizenship documentation are completely different. You will be asked to bring that information. As far as not meeting as your apartment, investigators are supposed to meet you at a neutral space, preferably federal property, then your employment, then public property, etc. We are not suppose to go to your home to interview you. There are exceptions when an investigator may show up but I’m not going to get into all the what ifs. I hope that helps you understand a little better.

Thank you for your advice.

It’s a question on the eQIP to answer whether you have/have ever had a no-US passport. And if yes then write the passport details and list all travels you had on this passort.

I am going to provide all the travel details I had on this foreign passport I can track - easy, only one country annually- from the frequent flyer history.
And as others advised I will write ‘unknown’ for passport number and issued date. And I can put the date I renounced with checking ‘est’ blx next to it for the expired date Then I will explaination in the additional section.

Now for the interview, I am fine if the interview is conducted at my place.
What are they going to ask? I provide the explaination about the passport in the eQIP and I am afriad if they ask me about the passport which i already filed as unknown and all my amwers is going to be I dont know??

I can answer about the trip like the purpose, whom I contacted during the trip (which will be listed under Foreign Contact section in the eQIP) and/or duration, etc I also have many foreign trips from my US passport and I have it to show them if they ask me.

Thank you.

It won’t be at your place.

List what you can and you’ll just have to do quick explanation during your interview.

Correct. I just have never been asked to bring mine to the interview. I just provide the passport number.

Based off the information given I assumed you will need a passport review which means the investigator will need to look at your passport(s) and write down all information inside. The investigators in this group are not your investigator and are making assumptions based on what you’ve said. We do not have your paperwork. Your investigator will tell you if you need a passport review. I tell all my subjects to bring their passports just in case that way if something comes up during the interview that requires a passport review they will be prepared and not have to have a second appointment to get their passport(s) reviewed.

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But I do not have the foreign passport any longer. It was expired and didn’t need to keep it when I renounced their citizenship. I do have all US passports that I can bring to the interview. Will I get denied T3 clearance because I do not have the foreign passport although I report all travels I can tack on that passport and explain it? Thank you.

You won’t get denied based on that alone. You will have to explain what happened to it and why you destroyed it. You are supposed to keep them even upon expiration.

All I said is bring the ones in your possession. If they are not in your possession then do not worry about it. Tell your investigator what you did with it (destroyed it, surrendered it, etc) and move on with life. No big deal. You are over stressing.