Question about Passports

Hi, I’m going through the process right now. Some background:
I have multiple U.S passports, 1 current and a couple expired, no foreign passports, now or ever.
For my interview the investigator asked me to bring all my passports, during my interview the interviewer asked me why I didn’t list my expired passports on my application, I was under the impression that I only needed to list info of my most recent passport on my application. I told the investigator this and that I guess I misread the question, but going back to the form it still seems to me that it only asks for information on the most recent passport. During the interview the investigator went over the expired passports and noted all foreign travel in them, all of which was more than 10 years ago (on my application it only asked for the past 7 years).
I don’t want it to look like I’m hiding anything, because I’m not. But should I have listed all my passports on my SF86? It’s still not clear to me.

nope, you should have listed all passports, read the form and don’t overthink it.

I’m sure that this is a common mistake and I don’t remember listing my expired passport when I applied in 2016 or being asked about it during my interview in 2017.

People leave things like this off all of the time. It’s a big form with a lot of room for mistakes and missteps along with misinterpretations. It shouldn’t be a problem unless there was something there to hide.

Hi ipsecmerlin, I haven’t heard back from my BI regarding previous passports nor did I list expired passports on my form. All prior to my 16th birthday have been shredded by my parents. All my foreign travel was documented though but I guess there is no way to verify that.

you should be good to go then, Merlin

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My SF86 states “current or most recent Passport.” It says nothing of listing all previous expired passports. I just renewed mine and have the old one as well…and one prior to that. I only list the current one. Or will at next re-investigation.

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Amberbunny is correct. You only need to list your most current US passport (and any foreign passports) on the SCA.

You can be required to bring/show your past passports to an investigator during your interview (or a follow up contact) because of new follow up requirements.

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