DV Misdemeanor Clarification Help

Hello, need some help with understanding how FSO determines whether or not a clearance request might be denied due to DV misdemeanor. I have had clearances before, I left the cleared space on 2016 and joined the commercial sector. My last adjudication was in 2014. I have been interviewing for new roles in cleared space after being laid-off recently. After getting through the multi-stage interview process and super positive feedback, in the final selection process I disclose to the FSO that I never had any criminal record before but I had a DV Misdemeanor in 2020, completed all required programs. Then I get a reply from the recruiter saying that: sounds like the FSO call came back with a few things that ultimately could prevent you from obtaining a clearance. And ultimately the offer is never extended because of that. I am looking for advice, recommendation, suggestion from the community to see if there’s anything I can do about any of this. Thank you.

Checking again to see if anyone has any insight?

I’m not an FSO, nor an adjudicator. It could be (my supposing here, nothing else) that they had a different candidate who did not have a DV misdemeanor in the last three years. Or they found an internal candidate. Or they found a candidate who is already cleared. Or the funding fell through. Or…100 other reasons.

I am not aware of any recourse you may have, since it didn’t go to adjudication.

Time is your friend. The further in the past this issue becomes, with no repeat issues, the better off you are.