e-QIP submissions

I have been investigated several times in the past. Thus, I have several e-QIP submissions. When I submit my most updated e-QIP, can my current sponsoring employer view all my previous e-QIP submissions?

Thanks in advance!

Yes! Your security officer / security manager (SECO/SECM) or facility security officer (FSO) is the one who can see your E-QIP which don’t forget your E-QIP pre populates with everything you’ve ever filled / entered into it. Now for the SECO/SECM/FSO to speak with Human Resources for example would require significant identified issues which DCSA issues them strict guidelines on what can immediately be reported back to the employer.

But be careful, remember let’s say you said oh I had a bachelors degree, got hired with a bachelors, but when the education record is verified it’s an associates. That will not only be an issue your investigator will have to talk to you about but that will go to adjudications, your SECO/SECM/FSO gets a final adjudication status which is usually yes or no for the clearance. If it’s a no or a tentative no, all the reasons are identified to you and the employer.

If during the investigation a significant issue is developed, investigators report back to DCSA who will reach out to the sponsoring agency requesting the investigation, let them know what has been found / discovered / developed, and they can, at their discretion (the agency) terminate the investigation and withdraw any tentative job offer / or even current job if they gave you a tentative clearance.

Nobody’s perfect, we don’t expect perfect. We expect honesty and a sense of integrity. So be honest!