SF-86, EQIP, Employer

Dear ALL,
Once I enter the sf-86 into the EQIP does my employer see my replies to the sf86 questions?

Good question… I know that the personnel security specialist has to release the eQIP but I don’t know if they can see answers.

This is not to say that some companies don’t do their own pre-screen but that is separate from the eQIP.

In my company only myself and the HR person will have access to your SF86. We share responsibilities here in getting them submitted. Previously, the last HR held on to the SF86 under the guise of helping the employee if they needed to upgrade. Balderdash. Rules say destroy. It is most certainly PII.

Our security office also did this but about five years ago they had to destroy all of them.

In my case the last Security Manager failed his Poly, HR stepped in to run Security in his absence and simply would not give up the processes when I was hired. She was expanding her kingdom to expand her pay. I don’t fault her for that but she didn’t have a clue or formal training in Security. I had at that point 30 years in Security. The PM bought her arguments over mine repeatedly. And they suffered writeup and back splash time and again. Eventually I got it all back when they hired a new HR person. Not so sure it was a wise yearning for me…as I also got all the day to day maintenance tasks and tracking, etc. But you can’t win em all.