EFI Flag Question

For a tier 2 investigation, what exactly constitutes an EFI flag?

A nbib.opm.gov page states “The Tier 2 investigative product no longer includes the Optional Enhanced Security Interview (ESI) unless there are Expandable Focused Interview (EFI) flags within the submitted investigative paperwork, to include the Additional Questions for Moderate Risk Positions”

So does that mean that EFI flags must come directly from the submitted paperwork? or could something outside the scope of the paperwork create a flag?

Actually, my question would be why they are doing a T2 when you have a favorably adjudicated T3 that could be used under reciprocity guidelines.

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Believe me when I tell you a T3 can take the place of a T2.

If it was high risk public trust you would have to undergo a Tier 4.