Eqip drug use questions


I’m a recent college grad just starting out at a federal contracting firm. I’m filling out my eqip and am truthfully reporting the following:

  • 2x LSD usage in 12/2018
  • 4x THC usage 1/2019-1/2020

I understand the severity of these admissions. I’ve removed myself from the situation (bad roommate influence), and am starting employment, and moving to a different state.

Should I consult a professional on completing the eqip? Have I adequately mitigated this behavior? This is for a DoD Secret position. I’m getting mixed messages from this forum and wanted to be sure I don’t pursue an ultimately fruitless venture.

You don’t need a pro. Simply answer the questions as instructed and truthfully and go from there.


Changing life circumstances (graduated, moved out of the college atmosphere, started a full time professional job, etc) will probably go a long way toward mitigating any concerns. Your last use of drugs is over a year ago so that is a plus.

No need to hire a lawyer at this point as @HARPOON said. You may not get an interim clearance and your case may not be one of the fastest ones to complete but I think you will get the clearance.

If I’m wrong and they do deny the clearance, at that point it may be worth contacting a lawyer who specializes in security clearance cases.


Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate you responding to these sorts of questions throughout the forum.

I hope my result will be favorable as well, but I know it goes a little beyond college MJ experimentation with addition of LSD. If I’m denied I’ll see about appeal. Ultimately if I’m unworthy then I’m unworthy.

Mitigate to the best of your ability on the SF-86 / eqip. Explain the circumstances in detail. Emphasize how you are removed from that period of your life (time, physical distance, circumstance). Good luck!


You have matured and realized drug use is not compatible with your career. This is not a zero defect mentality process. Flawed human beings who make mistakes can get and hold security clearances for decades.