Events that didn't Occur.... Secret Clearance

So back in 2013 I was not charged in a Summary Court Martial. Two months prior I was brought into NCIS for questioning. They had collected some of my stuff. Cell phone, etc.
Anyway soon after the Court Marti I went in to collect my effects. They told me come back in two days. They brought me to the back room as if I was charged. They told me they didn’t think I was intially going to Court Martial . They proceeded to take finger prints again.
I thought something about it but I was this for a forgein contact. I soon after went on terminal leave. Never heard anything about it. I assumed it was good. The reason I thought that is you get a chance to reclama anything. I also wasn’t given any paperwork and retired Honorably. My outgoing evaluate didn’t have anything on it.
So fast forward to 2018. I get a statement of reasons for public trust., .my secret is still on going as of today. They wrote I gave my wife a government computer. It was not true. We were discussing if I gave her any gifts. I said yes i gave her my computer which I bought in Kadena AFB. The second thing was weird and never happened. It was I contacted a bank and got information to someone else’s account. What actually happened was I couldn’t get into my account it was new. The customer service rep had someone else’s account open. When he got me access my account snapped together with theirs. I immediately notified the bank. The police would have gotten me for that one if it was true. The first and both would have been a dishonorable discharge.
The problem I have is in the SOR the investigator said I was deceitful because I didnt remember the events that never happened. She also said she had “proof”. My wife has the computer. As for the bank issue I didn’t remember it at all because I didn’t ask for someone else’s account information. So I was denied on false allegations because I didn’t remember an event that didn’t happen. Yet I have an honorable discharge.
Why does this happen? And why can’t two and two be put together? I wouldn’t have an honorable discharge if those events really did occur.
The adjudicator for my Secret clearance is awaiting information from my doctor.

First . . . I think that you need to organize your writing a little bit in order to get your story across.

Second . . . The investigation is about things that happened. The fact that you were investigated in 2013 (it’s has to tell if you were charged or not) is important to your investigation. The fact that you were questioned is an issue and, from what it sounds like, you may have been charged even if the charges didn’t go forward. Not reporting the even makes it look like you may have been hiding it.

Now, moving forward, you need to research the Adjudicative Guidelines for the paragraphs referenced in the SOR. Each paragraph of the guidelines lists mitigating factors. Figure out which apply and start gathering documentation.

What did you do about the SOR from 2018? Did you appeal or just let it go? You are likely to have the same issues show up on your secret investigation. So, you should prepare based on your 2018 SOR.

Why do they think that you gave a government computer to your wife? Your description of what happened in 2013 is pretty confusing.

Dude, you need a lawyer.