Ex-Husband and his Clerance

My ex is currently in the military. We seperated 3 years ago because I found out he was going online and meeting people for sex. He admited to being sexually abused and being a sex addict. None of his online behavior was illegal to my knowledge, just intense exchanges of photos and messages. We divorced a year later. He is now trying to get a top secret security clearance. He has told me that he does not want me to say anything about his sexual behaviors. He has said if I do he will make my life miserable. He has said that he told the investigator I’m crazy and am going to lie. He has also said that if I say nothing he will provide more money in child support for our son. I’m not sure what to do? Do I have to talk to the investigator?

You can refuse to interview, it is not you who is undergoing the clearance process. However, you should consider the fact that your ex will be granted a high level clearance giving him access to classified national security information and/or facilities. These are exactly the reasons (susceptibility to blackmail- he obviously doesn’t want people to know about this)we conduct the background investigation process, and your absent testimony would leave a big gap in providing the whole picture on this individual. Just because you provide information does not mean he would be denied a clearance, but obviously he is very concerned about it. I would try to see if you can get him to put this threat in writing, maybe via email or text, so that you have proof in case he does decide to be malicious in the future. Also, you can request a protected identity status where your identity would not be released to anyone under FOIA requests.

You can also request to be interviewed as a protected source. Your information will be redacted from the report but it can be used for informational purposes. At least it can give the investigator information on what to be looking out for.