Expired secret clearance

I had a security clearance of secret while I was in the Army as a MLRS crew member. I’ve been out of the Army for three years now. Is there any company that will take applications for those who don’t have a current security clearance?

“Is there any company that will take applications for those who don’t have a current security clearance?” Mcdonalds, Wendy’s, Walmart… What exactly are you asking?

I think the question that you are asking is…will my prior security in the Army help me get another security clearance faster?

Once you are outside of the 2 year window of having an active security clearance, then you have to go through a new investigation like any one coming off the street. Depending on what you have in your background, you may or may not get an interim clearance while the investigation is being completed. You can find plenty of jobs that don’t require clearances or public trusts-just not with the federal government or federal contractors. Many federal contractors will take your application if you don’t have a current clearance, they will then review your background and decide if you are likely to pass a background investigation prior to putting you in for another one. The federal government also accepts applications of those without current clearances and will pay to have the investigation done if given a tentative offer. However, both process can be long and arduos.

I was in the military, clearance expired and I started looking for contractor work. Most companies I was looking at made offers after I applied, and were willing to sponsor a clearance investigation. If you had a valid clearance that would help but there is plenty of opportunity out there for non-cleared prior military looking for work.

Thank you very much RBR&Imikelowrey for the time you took to reply back. Both of you definitely helped my understanding.

To directly answer your question: Yes, there are companies that will accept applications even if you don’t have a clearance. The fact that you had a previous clearance will have little bearing on how fast you are cleared now.