Failed Secret Clearance, now trying for Q Non-Senstive


Last month had a Secret Clearance job offer rescinded, the email read: “Based on a review of your background investigation, you have not met the requirements to perform the duties of the position for which you were selected.” I should note that I never submitted the signed authorization forms. I completed the online e-qip form but never returned the signed authorization forms or did a fingerprint check; so I’m not sure how they were even authorized to begin my background investigation without my authorization. In which case, does this even truly count as a background investigation?

Now I am applying for a Q Non-Sensitive position, and I’m wondering if I should report that I had a prior background investigation; and if I should report it, then how should I annotate this fact? I know honesty is the best policy on these forms, but I believe there is some gray area here. Any clarification would be very appreciated.


Based on what you wrote the letter should have stated based on a review of your background investigation “application”, meaning they made a pre-employment decision based on your SF-86 information, and no investigation was submitted. It is unclear as to what you are referring to when you ask if you need to report this, but if you are filling out another form or application, as long as you answer the question asked honestly then it cannot be considered an issue down the road.