Please help Mr. Hakamaa -- Confused regarding SF85P

First of all I want to thank you for this forum and the wonderful advices which are helping people like me who have no clue about these security clearance process

I got a package from my company (who is doing a project to SSA) and in that there are finger print cards and OF306 form. On the letter my HR said that company point of contact for SSA will send you an e-mail for access to e-qip to fill SF85P. My HR asked me before submitting print a copy of the filled SF85P sign and give it to HR. Why do my HR need that when it has all my personal and confidential information?

After I submit my online SF85P using e-qip will somebody double check that before sending to OPM?

Another question is after the whole process is finished, who will get the result whether clearance approved or denied. Me or my HR or the person who gave me access to the e-qip?

If suppose clearance got denied does OPM send a letter explaining the reasons why it denied to me or to my point of contact or my HR.

Sorry too many questions.

I was contacted by my contracting co and was told that my interim clearance was declined, when I contacted OPM they told me that it was not declined and that I should contact my FSO. What is going on here?

Feeling a little suspicious

First and foremost, you are not submitting paperwork for a security clearance. The SF-85P is used to determine if you are suitable for placement into a public trust position. Agency HR offices are quite often the ones who adjudicate completed background investigations for suitability. As such, that is why they want to review your application and have it on file before it is submitted to OPM for the investigation. If there are issues before or after the investigation then the HR office should address those with you.

OPM does not grant or decline security clearances, they are just the repository for the reporting of those actions. If the granting agency did not report it to OP then they would not have a record of it. There are no appeal options for a denial of an interim clearance, so I would contact you FSO again and find out more details.

Thank you Mr. Hakamaa for the reply. You said “Agency HR offices adjudicate completed background investigation for suitability”. Does this mean my company HR will decide the outcome of my background investigation. I work for a private company who has a government project.

When I submit my e-qip doesn’t it go directly to OPM instead it will go to my point of contact and then he reviews and submits to OPM?

Please clarify this

The investigation is adjudicated by the government agency for which you perform work for on the contract. In this case it will most likely be the security office and they review it and submit it to OPM. Your company is notified of the results.