Marko Hakamaa - Please advice for SF85P

First of all I want to thank you for this forum and the wonderful advices which are helping poople like me who have no clue about these security clearance process

I got a package from my company (who is doing a project to medicaid) and in that there are finger print cards and OF306 form. On the letter my HR said that company point of contact for medicaid will send you an e-mail for access to e-qip to fill SF85P. Do I get the e-mail after I submit the finger print and OF306 to HR? My HR asked me before submitting print a copy of the filled SF85P sign and give it to HR. Why do my HR need that when it has all my personal and confidential information?

After I submit my online SF85P using e-qip will somebody double check that before sending to OPM?

Another question is after the whole process is finished, who will get the result whether clearance approved or denied. Me or my HR or the person who gave me access to the e-qip?

If suppose clearance got denied does OPM send a letter explaining the reasons why it denied to me or to my point of contact or my HR.

Sorry too many questions.