Does OPM carry investigation once case is closed and discontinued

I have been contacted by investigation officer after the case was closed by OPM regarding clarification on information I filled in SF85. It was just about updating my past entry which I didn’t updated as I wasn’t aware I should update that information without any permission from OPM. But when I received investigation report I came to know my investigation case was closed and discontinued by OPM on request from my agency and I was notified after I sent response to OPM and decision taken by OPM in email stating my clearance is unfavorable based on Case closure date. Also no data regarding my letter as well as decision after taken was found in my investigation report I requested.
Is this a valid scenario? How will this impact to my another job I apply for? Will it create a negative impact on my career?

Your explanation is quite distorted and unclear. Best as I can tell, you submitted am SF85 to OPM and the case closed before your agency stopped it for whatever reason. You were issued a letter by OPM stating the adjudication was unfavorable. That usually means there was material falsification and OPM retained jurisdiction per 5 CFR 731. If so your letter should have stated when you are eligible again to apply for federal positions.

Thank you Marko for your response but the question is I haven’t received any letter by OPM stating the adjudication was unfavorable along with eligibility to apply for other federal positions. Do you have any idea on this type of scenario what it actually means?

Still not clear, but perhaps your employer asked OPM to discontinue the case and once that happens, no one can use the investigation for adjudication purposes because it was not completed. If I were you I would request a copy of the investigation via OPM-FIS website.

Hello Marko,

a copy of the investigation via OPM-FIS website, is the record just a copy of E-Qip information submitted or is it the record how far the investigation had been processed, stopped, cancelled etc by OPM?

Truthfully I have not run across anyone asking for a copy of an incomplete or discontinued investigation, and a file copy may not be on file available for request. It doesn’t hurt to ask for whatever they have though,

Once it is deemed complete and closed by OPM the agency gets it within a day or two through e-delivery. They have 14 days to download it from OPM’s server, and it then gets into the adjudication queue.

I am assuming “completed” and “closed” are two separate items. So I haven’t even been to adjudication yet? Should I be concerned that it is still with OPM? And its been several weeks?

Does OPM determine suitability or the agency? I’m having an issue about answer yes to question 9 on the OF306 about a 13 year old felony. The agency and their HR is asking alot of questions. I thought personally security and/or OPM makes that decision. My thing is I had a public trust in 2012 and nothing different has changed

OPM does not hold on to it! Once it is closed it is sent to the agency that requested it and goes into their adjudication cycle. How do you know it is closed? How do you know it is not with your agency? These are the answers you need.

OPM conducts the investigation based on the information you give them and the agency that requested it reviews and adjudicates it. OPM does assign it a characterization code to identify issues, but it is still up to the agency to make a determination.

Thanks so much for the quick response I have gotten both answers. One was from HR said Personnel Security Specialist was awaiting info to be sent to agency. Then got a message that stated it needed to be reviewed for the clearance TS/SCI. So I guess that answers my question. Thanks so much again.