Investigation case

What should I look for on my investigation case file that I just received from OPM? I assume there should be areas on the case where the investigator would write notes or highlight specific areas that are negative or questionable?

Maybe just read it to see what is in there?

Is there a specific reason why you have this?

Because I can and it’s my right IAW the Freedom of Information ACT.

From a legal standpoint, I think it’s wise to request your case file after any investigation.

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Did you get denied a clearance or something?

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So you ask what to look for and when someone asks for the specific reason you have it (they might be able to tell you where to look) and you get all defensive. SMH.


Read the report. You should be able to figure out what was written.

Not being defensive.

Reason: I just want to chilax and not worry.

Did you receive the final report of investigation (all typed in the same font) or the raw notes.

They sent it via electronic media ( all typed).

What level of clearance are you processing for?

Q Clearance Level (DOE).


It’s not the investigator’s job to point out negative or questionable issues. You misunderstand the role.

Read through and make sure that all of the information contained is accurate. That’s the most important thing. YOU need to look through the adjudicative guidelines for the clearance that you have applied for and see if there is anything in your file that will be an issue.

That’s what the adjudicator is going to do.


Is there a specific adjudicative guideline(s) for a person requesting a Q clearance? If yes, Can you please provide the link?

Perhaps someone else here can point you to specific guidelines for a Q. I can’t . . .

Q, TS, National Security positions… they all use the same adjudication guidelines. Make a google search and you will get a lot of reading material.


You just have to google it. I’m an investigator, I can help you look for what you need. But we report on discrepant things and issues. So you’re not going to see everything that you spoke about. If you want to know specifically why something wasn’t there or was there, I’ll try and help you understand.

By the way, there are not different adjudication guidelines for Q or TS.

The process is about risk, some agencies are willing to take more risk than others.

From an investigator world, how would you define a “discrepancy and Issues” on a case?

The only major discrepancy was that I stated that i have dual nationality. The adjudicator reached out to me and I responded that i no longer have dual nationality.

What does this mean - Financial Record - OPM scoring is 01?


That’s just an internal thing for your credit report. To be honest, I wouldn’t know unless I was in the system because those codes mean nothing to us.

Issue Example: DUI, Financial issues, Drug use…etc

Discrepant: you said that you live at 1234 Main St, but you actually live at 123 Main Dr

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