Meaning of Investigation Report -BAD NEWS?

Do I need to be worried? if yes, why? What should I make of the information below?

The only data(s) on my case file are Educational Information. Employment Information. Personal Interviews Information ( Interviewed about 10 people) Financial Information- OPM score 01 (Not Bad).

All other areas that were investigated came back as NO RECORD.

Investigative Results Report: The record or sources in this investigation provided favorable information regarding the subject…

What do I make of the information above?

Is this a trick question?

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They really don’t know Fed.

The lack of adverse information or discussion of an issue is good dadon.

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Not a trick question at all. I don’t know what it means -

Need translation from experts so that I can digest it without any “what if in my head.”

Forgive my lack of understanding when it comes to clearance. That’s why I joined this community group.

It’s a good thing that no adverse information was found. You are good to go!

Wait let me not say you are good to go. For that particular part, that’s a positive

How many parts are there?

It’s been over 90 days since my case was sent to the adjudicators and I am still hoping I hear good news soon.

I know it’s a privilege to have any type of clearance but just wished I hear something soon, so that I can move on and start my job.

You’re just waiting for adjudication. But the amount of time that can take varies. They are behind. But hopefully it will be soon.

It’s almost 12 months since I submitted my sf86 forms and still on waiting my clearance. Currently in adjudication ( been in adjudication since 6/24/2019).

Extremely worried that my chances will diminish if it continue to take this long.

You’re good, don’t worry. Adjudication is behind so don’t worry about length.

You can’t obsess over this . . . Read around on this forum. Many, many, people wait at all levels of the process. Even if you clear in a year, that’s not bad. The fact that it takes longer still means nothing. If you’re not hearing any news, you’re not hearing bad news.

How did you obtain your status information?

It’s on one of my posts/comments.