Meaning of Investigation Report -BAD NEWS?

Do I need to be worried? if yes, why? What should I make of the information below?

The only data(s) on my case file are Educational Information. Employment Information. Personal Interviews Information ( Interviewed about 10 people) Financial Information- OPM score 01 (Not Bad).

All other areas that were investigated came back as NO RECORD.

Investigative Results Report: The record or sources in this investigation provided favorable information regarding the subject…

What do I make of the information above?

Is this a trick question?

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They really don’t know Fed.

The lack of adverse information or discussion of an issue is good dadon.

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Not a trick question at all. I don’t know what it means -

Need translation from experts so that I can digest it without any “what if in my head.”

Forgive my lack of understanding when it comes to clearance. That’s why I joined this community group.

It’s a good thing that no adverse information was found. You are good to go!

Wait let me not say you are good to go. For that particular part, that’s a positive

How many parts are there?

It’s been over 90 days since my case was sent to the adjudicators and I am still hoping I hear good news soon.

I know it’s a privilege to have any type of clearance but just wished I hear something soon, so that I can move on and start my job.

You’re just waiting for adjudication. But the amount of time that can take varies. They are behind. But hopefully it will be soon.