Dancing level of clearance for e-qip

It will be appreciated if someone helps to shed light.

Who decides what’s level of PT ( public trust ) clearance for a contractor position, low, middle or high risk? Agency or what trigger a change

I was initiated doing clearance via e-qip as sf-85, one day later shown changed to sf-86, It’s ended up sf-85P

Long story in short, my agency PM entitled as the POC; she is very careless person. For example, she forgot I already told her by email that I was born in other country. She set up the secret answer for a born city, it didn’t work as a short stopper; it caused I could not access eqip thoroughly.

Another example, she replied to my email as she would like to be volunteering to sign as my witness on my nondisclosure document. However, she did not sign my disclosure forms; had submitted my all these forms to Gov. There are the other two incidences after. Well, anyway.

At the end while submitting my eqip at sf-85P. Last month, I had interviewed by investigator. I think my eqip, it’s actual at sf-85P high risk.

The Agency/position decides the PT level.


I think that you have a better chance of getting the information that you want if you sit and write a coherent question. Maybe a complete sentence?

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Is there a way to withdraw the applying process after having signed all the documents and additional forms. Or, I have to collaborate 100% and to match Agency’s interests toward the end of completion.

This was my concerns related to my first question on this site at
Public trust sf-85P vs. dual citizenship

Let me try to make the long story in coherent short following the time sequence -

  1. After Hire Right completed and the result turned good. I was asked to do the eqip

  2. One of the pass code for born city, Agency didn’t set up properly. I was not able to access to the eqip because of invalid pass code. My born city was not listed. I followed up with the POC that My born city is out of US ( my second time to remind her ). She made a change. At the point, the level of clearance was got changed to sf-86. I rejected this pending offer in June before submitting the e-qip at last minute.

  3. One month later, I was allowed to come back with Agency’s consent. My eqip, it was to be re-initiated. The POC, she had emailed and asked me to “submit” the eqip ASAP. At the moment, the re-initiated eqip, it was not available yet. She kept giving pressure on me.

Meanwhile, POC from Agency, she forwarded the email from Gov to me. There's missing signature on the witness field on my disclosure form. I had reminded POC and show her earlier email; she would be the one responded by email that “she will sign the field as witness on my disclosure form”.

Anyway, the poc is not easy to work with. I don’t like her careless. Ended up. I had my prior co-worker to be the witness and signed the form.

Day after, I was able to access to eqip. I had completed the eqip with sf-85P and submitted.

After my fingerprint was done. Soon, I had been interviewed with the investigator. Based what I had learned knowledge from this discussion blog, I think my clearance level at sf-85P high risk.

OK . . . So, you keep telling us your story about a POC that you think is incompetent? You want to discontinue your investigation? Tell the POC that you don’t want the job. If an investigator calls for more information, tell them that you no longer need to be processed. No . . . You don’t have to continue to cooperate with the process.

Thanks for your input.

Process is about to be completed. I will go through it.

This week, my prior coworker told me. The interview for my work references, it was called off due to a medical emergency per investigator. It will be rescheduled. Meanwhile, my agency has posted the same position in public again. I got couple of scam calls about abnormal activities reported on my social security. I run to Social Security Administration office to ask for clarification; the answer is fine. I also got calls from recruiters for other job opportunities and I was asked how’s going in the past months.

Well. Life is not easy and seems out of my control. I have not heard a response from my Agency. The last update was back to month ago, “it was the last stop. Just waiting on adjudication. We should hear very soon” .

Is it possible that my Agency might decide to drop the ball and let work reference left behind. Can someone shed light to interpret this scenario, please?

Really appreciated your expertise

e-Qip/SF-85P with clearance, I don’t want to work for the Agency and withdrew at the early stage ( had done my first interview with Investigator” ). Agency confirmed and honored my request.

However, the investigation/clearance is running it’s own course and numerous calls receiving to me and my work references.

Does it mean that I may still have a chance to get my Public Trust/clearance?

No . . . I don’t think so . . . I think that it just takes time to get the “stop order” out to everyone involved.

Although I had withdrew and no longer taking the position.

*** I was born another country and it’s not my choice. ****

I read another incident. “Have you ever travel foreign country using other than US passport?” By default for us, the answer should be ‘YES’. Following A red flag.

Well. It’s my first time apply for a job as a cotractor related to Federal Gov. I’m not interested this position much. I withdrewed two months ago. I still got
numerous calls asking questions at my loyalty to USA. It is serious concern being question again and again.

My life is simple and plain. Withdrew. not dancing with this Agency anymore.

Thank you all.

Finally, I had a good sleep. get my life back on the track