Obtaining a Public Trust and Top Secret at the Same Time

I got a job at one company, which I’ll call Company 1, that required a Top Secret Clearance. I assumed this would take a long time, so I went to get another job at Company 2 that only required Public Trust. I had landed a job at the University of Maryland College Park a couple years ago, which required a Public Trust, and I didn’t even need to fill out an e-QIP, so I thought it would be the same for Company 2.

I have already filled out an e-QIP for Company 1 and submitted it, and I believe the form was called an SF86. I submitted for their review. I have just recently received an e-mail saying I needed to fix several things, which required me to refill out the entire form. The other caveat mentioned in the email that due to information I filled out in Section 26 (Financial) and Section 27 (IT use). They expressed doubt in my ability to receive the full clearance, but said that the choice was ultimately mine to make if I wanted to proceed with the investigation since the investigators look at things on a case by case basis. Therefore, the e-QIP has not been officially submitted for Company 1.

It seems that I will need to fill out another e-QIP form for Company 2 (someone please correct me if I’m wrong.) for a Public Trust.

My Questions are the following:

  1. Is it even possible to obtain a Public Trust clearance while an investigation is going on for a Top Secret Clearance?

  2. Will the investigation for Company 2 review my e-QIP for Company 1 even though it has not been officially submitted?

  3. Will I need to fill out an e-QIP for Company 2 despite the fact Public Trust does not require a SF86 form?

  4. Since Company 1 doubted my ability to obtain full TS clearance, will this have any affect on my ability to obtain a Public Trust?

Until company 1 submits said SF86/Equip…you are not submitted for a clearance. So nobody outside Company 1 has visibility on the IT and finance info. May I ask more info on those items? I highly recommend a thorough credit review from yourself, make sure you challenge any claimed debt not yours, pay off he low hanging fruit (missed copay stuff), and get into a payment plan on big items. That is a low hurdle, and if FICO is above 650 you will be fine (they don’t look at FICO, but it is a direct reflection of payment history and debt load). The IT stuff…post Snowden and Manning…much higher hurdle. Non legal downloads, all the rage 10 years ago, suddenly not so much. That requires a lot of talking to.