Can I have 2 Active eQIP investigations for Public Trust Clearance

Currently I am working as a Contractor for Federal Agency A. I submitted my eQIP for the current position in May 2017.
The type is: SF85P Format Plus Supplement
The eQIP investigation process is still in Pending (in progress) status. It might take another 3 to 6 months to complete.
But I found a really good opportunity with Federal Agency B. They require eQIP type - SF85P Format.
The new Agency B sent me email with eQIP login details and wants me to submit my new eQIP for Agency B by next week.

So if I fill out and submit the new eQIP (SF85P) with Agency B, will it cancel my current Active eQIP investigation with Agency A (SF85P Format Plus Supplement)?
I am very confused because if my existing Agency A eQIP gets cancelled then I will be without a Job until the new eQIP with Agency B is completed.

Please provide me guidance. I don’t want my existing eQIP with Agency A to be cancelled because of the new eQIP process. I need to make a decision in the next couple of days.

Your guidance is greatly appreciated.

Thank you

There are two paths here:

  1. If both positions are at the same public trust risk level then the current investigation will prevent any new investigation from getting initiated. The investigating agency will see one already in progress and if it meets the same level, they will reject the new one.

  2. If the new one is a higher level public trust position then it will trump the one in progress and the investigating agency will contact the agency that submitted the current one and notify them it will be discontinued due to a higher level being submitted.

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Hi Marko
First of all thank you very much for your guidance. You are providing a valuable service in this blog. I already asked my friends (who work with federal agencies) to check out this blog.

My current investigation with Agency A is of type: Public Trust Positions w/ SF85P-S (SF85P+85P-S, Version 1995-09).
My new investigation with Agency B is of type: Public Trust Positions (SF85P, Version 1995-09)

I did not fill out the new one yet. So it looks like my new public trust investigation is at a lower level compared to the current ongoing investigation.
So in this scenario, what will happen if I do fill out and submit the new eQIP.

Your advice is greatly appreciated.

Not impossible to see two active investigations for the same individual, with the same case type. I’ve seen it a handful of times. Worst that’ll happen is your assigned investigator calls you and you end up explaining your situation, if it even gets to that point.

Thank you for your response.
My specific question is this:
Since my new Investigation (which I did not submit yet) is Public Trust - Moderate Risk which at a lower level than Ongoing Current Investigation (Public Trust - High Risk), will the new one be rejected if I submit? or will the Current one be rejected?


Logic and procedure dictates the new one will be rejected if you submit. It is the likely scenario, but you never know due to how administratively messy things can get. And it can get messy.

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Thank you very much for your advice. It is very helpful.